Russaian Spread of Missinformation

some studys show that there has been russian influence in the elections for along time now.
The studys show that the russians have been using bots on different social media sites to spred false
information. the bots act like normal human beings but what they are really trying to do is spred
misiformation amungst the american population.

The russain's spread of misiformation started to help out the russian government.
The people that were in volved in the spread of information would spread wrong info on
topics like covid-19 and the two most resent us elections they would tell people stuff that
was not true and some people believed it and it changed there point of view on the election

The entire opperation was run by two individuals that had high power in the russian government.
In the early stages of the pandemic there were over 150 articles that were found to be making russia
look better and make america look worse. In the 2016 election there was an operation that was made
just so that russia could divide the american population. they started makeing trump look better
because they wanted to see him in office and not hillery